What is CRC Consulting?

  • July 28, 2019

CRC Consulting is the social enterprise for the Centre for Race and Culture. The Centre for Race and Culture/CRC Consulting fosters diversity, inclusion, and equity by collaborating with individuals, organizations, and systems. Our diversity and inclusion expertise is grounded in our extensive experience in community engagement and research, and is led by our mission statement: […]

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Is it possible to hire the Centre for Race and Culture for Workshops?

Yes! The Centre for Race and Culture/CRC Consulting offers customized and focused workshops depending on the needs of your organization. We do a Needs Assessment and tailor any content to your specific needs. Please contact us to learn more by phone at 780-425-4644 or by email at info@cfrac.com. There is also a grant available should […]

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What are your public workshops and when are they available?

Take a look at some of the Public Workshops we’ve offered here. Public Workshops are offered at a reduced rate in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. We communicate upcoming workshops through bi-weekly newsletters, on our website under ‘Events’, as well as through social media (find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn at Centre for […]

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