Unconscious Bias An introductory course for HR professionals

Course Description

Bias is not always a bad thing, however, when it starts to show up in human resources practices such as recruitment, screening, shortlisting, interviews, and performance reviews, it can be costly, and people and organizations miss opportunities. Whether you are involved in program development, recruitment, people development, or performance management, you should attend this session. By the end of this half-day session, you will be able to explain:

  • how our upbringing shapes our worldview
  • what bias is and where it comes from
  • the impacts of bias in the workplace.

You will also learn practical techniques for acting more consciously.

This course is facilitated by Candy Khan, award-winning Diversity and Inclusion Specialist. Candy has facilitated courses on unconscious bias, achieving excellence in recruitment, respectful workplace practices, intercultural competency and other training to over 10,000 staff.

Unconscious bias is a natural human instinct. We automatically gravitate to people who are like us. When it comes to recruitment, we hire what we recognize.

Tobin, 2017

Who Should Attend

  • HR professionals