Building Allyship: Exploring Mindful Solidarity A course that critically explores the concept of allyship

Course Description

In our context, the terms ‘ally’ and ‘allyship’ often emerge in social justice spaces where those who claim to be allies are those who align with a cause and support it, in some way or another. However, many marginalized groups have emerged in critique of this category, outlining its toxicity in creating real change and in centering the voices of these communities. Therefore, the necessity emerges for us to take a step back and to critically think about what it means to support another and to stand in solidarity. This workshop, entitled ‘Building Alllyship: Exploring Mindful Solidarity’ aims to encourage participants to embark on a journey of critical analysis of themselves and the spaces around them. In doing so, we hope to be able to provide the necessary tools and ideas for participants to continuously deepen their reflections as they seek to support those around them and to create change for justice.

Who Should Attend

  • Educators
  • HR professionals
  • Front-line workers
  • Social Service providers
  • Community leaders
  • Community members
  • Anyone interested in learning more about 'allyship'