Addressing Unconscious Bias

Course Description

If you’ve done an introductory workshop on unconscious bias, you know that our assumptions and associations are not always explicit but we are still responsible for their impacts. This workshop helps participants continue to build their understanding of bias, further explore how biases are malleable, and practice steps that can be taken to limit their impact on our thoughts and behaviours.

This workshop will consider strategies to address unconscious bias at individual and institutional levels. Participants will enhance their self-awareness of their own biases, build understanding of their social conditioning, and examine behaviour versus intention in professed values and daily behaviours. Through case studies and interactive exercises, you will identify your biases and assumptions, and learn how words, actions and demeanor affect others in the workplace.

About the facilitators

Candy Khan: Candy is a certified Change Management Practitioner and Diversity and Inclusion Specialist who has facilitated courses on unconscious bias, achieving excellence in recruitment, respectful workplace practices, intercultural competency and other training to over 10,000 staff.

Karen Yong: Karen brings 25 years of Organizational Development (OD) experience across sectors specializing in workplace bullying, leadership development and creating healthy spaces. Karen has developed, implemented, and evaluated OD training programs in Canada and the U.S to small and large companies.