Race and Respect

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  • March 21
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This resource helps teachers and educators promote active citizenship and encourage youth to explore their rights and responsibilities in building inclusive communities based on understanding and respect. Rooted in social justice pedagogy, Race and Respect underscores the need for engaging students and youth in civic education and real-world learning. The activities in this resource are primarily geared towards junior and senior high school students, and are also appropriate for community groups working with youth populations. Some of the activities may be used for younger children, as written or with small modifications. The activities are designed to be interactive, and some use drama-based activities to develop meaningful understanding.

The four themes in this resource offer methods for raising awareness of human rights, understanding the role of stereotypes and prejudices in promoting discrimination, and exploring how racism and other injustices are manifested in our schools, communities, and society. Youth will gain knowledge as well as individual and interpersonal skills through the various activities compiled in this resource. Several of the themes also conclude with a project suggestion for putting the students’ knowledge into action within the school or community context. It is our hope that these suggestions, or other ideas from the youth themselves, will help youth begin to bridge from classroom-based learning into explorations of their active citizenship, and their roles in building inclusive communities now and into the future ร้านค้า.

You can download the full publication here.