Bamboo Shield Curriculum

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Bamboo Shield was introduced by the Centre for Race and Culture in 2009 to provide support and build resiliency for immigrant and refugee youth with multiple challenges.

The challenges these youth face include culture shock, loss of family and community stability, disruption or delays in school attendance, deficiencies in English language skills, racial discrimination and personal trauma. These factors increase their risk of being unsuccessful or dropping out of school; developing mental health problems;and becoming involved with gangs, drugs or criminal activities. The curriculum may be adapted for any youth group with challenges.

This curriculum may be used within the context of formal education or within community programs. Program goals include the following:

  • Enhancing and improving social and personal skill development
  • Increasing levels of engagement in school activities
  • Putting into practice new social and communication skills in home, school and community settings

You can download the full curriculum here.