A Review of Crime Risk Factors and Community-based Prevention Strategies for Somali-Canadians in Edmonton, Alberta

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  • March 21
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This report offers a Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA) of the literature on risk and protective factors associated with crime and migration in Canada, the United States of America, Australia, and several of the European Union countries. The report reviews the discourse linking crime and ethno-cultural groups in the above countries; policy and practice reactions by governments, social institutions (i.e. media), and service providers; and proposed community-based crime prevention strategies. Upon reviewing over two hundred articles from refereed and non-refereed publications, the research thematically analyzed cross-national texts linking crime and migration, tackling issues of language, definition of terms, and country-specific contextual issues as diverse discourses emerged. As a result, we identified four major overarching themes: the political economy of migration, migrants, and criminality; country specific research on risk factors and protective factors of crime; discourses on criminality, race, and (in)security; and media public discourse on migrant criminality. The report concludes with a discussion of recommendations and reactions, and implications to Somali-Canadian communities in Edmonton.

You can download the full report here.