Unheard Youth Podcast

Unheard Youth Podcast

Unheard Youth is a podcast featuring newcomer youth voices all across Canada


Initiative Background

Unheard Youth is a podcast project that highlights the voices of newcomer youth in Canada. Youth from 4 provinces shared their experiences with identity, migration and belonging through the medium of interview, storytelling and audio recording.

About the Participants:

We wanted to talk with youth that we don’t get to hear from very often—that’s where the name Unheard Youth originated. We travelled to Fort St-John, BC; Edmonton, AB; Toronto, ON; and Montreal, QC, to listen to what newcomer youth had to say.

About the Process:

The participating youth got the opportunity to attend various workshops on social justice and storytelling, and the use of recording equipment. Afterwards, they recorded interviews, conversations and stories on identity, migration, and belonging.

The podcast was made available to the public in 2019.


This initiative was completed in collaboration with the following partners: College Ahuntsic, CJSR 88.5 FM, Edmonton Community Foundation, the Connecting Childhood and Culture project, York University, the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, as well as the Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS) Program for Peace River North School district.

The music featured on this podcast is provided by Chivengi.

Thank you to Kenna McKinnon and Associates for the transcription of these podcasts (www.KennaMcKinnon.com).

Thank you and merci beaucoup to Yolaine Leitao for the French translations.

Where to Listen:

All 13 episodes can be found below, along with transcriptions and French translations. The episodes are also available on Spotify & Google Podcasts.

You can download the pdf of our listening kit here: podcastbook_WEB and view all citations for the resources consulted in the making of this podcast here: citations for Unheard Youth Podcast

Happy listening!

Episode Recordings and Transcripts

Episode 1: Welcome to Unheard Youth

You are listening to the very first episode of the Unheard Youth Podcast! After a complication of what’s to come in the next 13 episodes of the podcast, we hear a conversation between host Rose-Eva Forgues-Jenkins, Jamelie Bachaalani, and Notelle Jaipul where they discuss some of the terms used throughout the podcast.

Episode 2: Migration Stories

Episode 3: Indigenous and Newcomer Relationships

Rose-Eva sits down with Nehiyaw language instructor Reubin Quinn to learn more about his thoughts on Indigenous and newcomer relationships. Reuben discusses the impact that colonization has had on Indigenous ways of being, and we hear a sample from one of his Nehiyaw language classes.

Episode 4: The Football and Other Stories from NPSS

Rose-Eva is joined by co-host Emily Gwun-Shun Lennon to talk about their time in Fort St. John, british Columbia. Theu talk about the workshops that they co-facilitated at North Peace Seconday School. The students at NPSS share their stories, and we hear about the Settlement Workers in Schools Program.

Episode 5: What Am I?

In episode five, we hear more from the youth at North Peace Secondary School in Fort St. John. Four groups of newcomer and non-newcomer students ask each other questions based on the topics of identity, migration, and belonging.

Episode 6: Balancing Cultures

Episode six features newcomer youth in Edmonton. First, we hear from youth at McNally High School and facilitators at the Action for Healthy Communities program. Afterward, members of newcomer youth group SKY Club talk about their experience with balancing cultures.

Episode 7: Learning to Appreciate Your Skin

The youth at SKY Club talk about how they came to appreciate their skin, and we hear a story that involved a racial slur. This leads us to consider—which words do we censor on the podcast? To find out, Rose-Eva talk to Bashir, Andrew, and Barnabas about some of the history behind the uses of these words.

Episode 8: Injera VS Burgers & more from the YIA program

Episode eight features Toronto’s Youth in Arts Program. We learn about the program through conversations between youth participants and program facilitator, Nour. Then, we hear more from the youth as they interview each other and share their stories.

Episode 9: A Beautifully Imperfect Mosaic

This episode features an interview with Professor Emberly, the organizer of the Connecting Culture and Childhood Symposium. Andrea talks about the symposium as well as how to be an ally to young people. Afterward, we hear the sounds of the symposium itself as Maggie, Linda, and Saana discuss racialized identities in Toronto.

Episode 10: Organizing Together

In this episode, we explore how spaces for marginalized voices are created at two different community events. First, Rose-Eva attends the MTL vs Racism Festival and talks to event organizers and performers. Afterward, youth from SKY Club attend the Stay WOC (Women of Colour) event in Edmonton and discuss the impact of the event with each other and organizers.  

Episode 11: Je Me Sens Pas Québécois/I Don’t Feel Quebecois

Welcome to our first French-language episode! We talk to a group of youth at College Ahuntsic to learn more about Quebequois nationalism and identity. College Ahuntsic is a ‘College d’enseignement general at professionnel’ which is known as a “General and Vocational College” in English.

Episode 12: Se Sentir Intégrer/Feeling Integrated

In our second French-language episode, Jean-Yves Sylverstre moderates the second group discussion with the students at College Ahuntsic.

Episode 13: The Language of Power: Youth Media Representation

In the final episode of the Unheard Youth Podcast, Rose-Eva talks to professor Yasmin Jiwani about her research on representations of youth in mainstream media. Dr. Jiwani discusses the challenges that newcomer youth face, and the ways in which adults can actively support and connect to youth culture.

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