Myriam Gerber

Myriam is currently completing her PhD degree at Concordia University, Montreal, in History with a focus on Holocaust education. She completed her BA and MA at the University of Victoria, BC, and also holds a Graduate Professional Certificate (GPC) in Cultural Heritage Studies revia cena. She has been involved as a docent at the Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre and the Montreal Holocaust Museum. Myriam has over ten years experience in conducting community-based research, as well as a facilitator and educator. Being of German descend, she takes a strong interest in how societies and individuals deal with historical trauma such as racism, discrimination, persecution and genocide, and she is passionate about raising public awareness about difficult heritage and history through curatorial interventions and experiential learning. Myriam has joined the CFRAC team as Research Coordinator for the Understanding Newcomer Experiences of Inclusion research project, and she also contributes to the Gender Inclusivity in the Workplace project.