Past Training: Effective Intercultural Communication

Past Training: Effective Intercultural Communication

Course Description

This interactive workshop intended to examine the concept of culture, the effect culture has on one’s personal and professional life and the role that our cultural norms and expectations play in our interactions with others. It equipped the participants with practical tools to reflect on their programs and services, apply strategies to challenge cultural bias and discrimination, practice intercultural communication, and create an inclusive workplace where colleagues and clients from different cultural backgrounds feel valued and respected. In this session, participants:

  • Explored culture, cultural norms, and the way our cultural lens influences our work
  • Understood our cultural biases and the way they can lead to discrimination
  • Understood cultural competency in the context of social inclusion and equity
  • Used culturally-informed practices to guide their interactions for effective intercultural communication 

Note: REACH Edmonton sponsors this workshop; their generous support made it possible to offer this training at a discounted rate.

Who Should Attend

  • Educators
  • Social Service providers
  • Front-line workers
  • Community leaders
  • HR professionals
  • Community members