Our Organization

Who We Are

For over 25 years, the Centre for Race and Culture has brought together diverse people with an interest in promoting and supporting individual, collective, and systemic change to address racism and encourage intercultural understanding. Our staff, board, and members bring a range of expertise and experiences to their work with our organization.

CFRAC is a trusted source for generating, gathering, and sharing reliable and accurate information on anti-racism. We are an ethnically diverse staff and board, use an ethnically diverse facilitator team and work with volunteers from varied races, cultures and religions. Our organizational culture strives to be a model for other organizations who want to create respectful and inclusive organizations.

The work of the Centre for Race and Culture is research-based and ground-tested for relevance to a variety of contexts. Our collaborative community relationships, and our partnerships with agencies and community organizations, are key to the success of our ongoing work in promoting understanding around issues of race, equality, and diversity. Our publications include resource manuals, research reports, and ethno-cultural compilations.


What We Believe

Our work at the Centre for Race and Culture is guided by our Vision and Mission statements.

Our Vision

To create an inclusive society free of discrimination and racism.

Our Mission

The Centre for Race and Culture works within the community to advocate and support individual, social and systemic change to address racism and discrimination and increase intercultural understanding. Our expertise spans workplace development, community building, research and education.

Our Core Values

Commitment to inclusion and equity: we create and maintain inclusive and equitable policies, programs and practices, and advocate the same values in our interactions with funders, stakeholders, governments, agencies, and community groups.

Embracing our community: we bring diverse perspectives together to build relationships; we collaborate with organizations and groups in our community that are similarly committed to social inclusion and equity; our programs are informed by the needs and concerns of the community.

Prioritizing research-driven education and programming: we make sure our training programs, educational resources and other projects are research-based and community-informed.

Catalyzing Change: We initiate and lead vital conversations on social inclusion and equity and prioritize programs and initiatives that encourage the general public’s sustained participation in social change.

What We Do

The work of CFRAC is grounded in the issues, concerns, and strengths in the community. Taking an intersectional approach, we engage in a range of work that addresses our key objectives:

  • Educate about discrimination, racism, bias, prejudice, micro-aggressions, diversity and inclusion, social equity, gender equity, and intercultural understanding through seminars, workshops, public forums, resources, research projects, and conferences intended for the general public
  • Conduct research, compile data, and disseminate results about discrimination, with the focus on racism or ethno-racial disparities, to increase understanding and awareness about existing rights and lived experiences of racial and cultural groups that have been marginalized and minoritized, including but not limited to Indigenous, Black, and Newcomer communities
  • Work towards addressing hate incidents and hate crimes through public education and research, and providing prevention and intervention strategies.

For more information, you can visit our programs and initiatives pages, and view some of our publications. You can also join our mailing list and follow us on social media to stay informed about issues, events, and opportunities.