Nehiyaw Language Video Resources

Nehiyaw Language Video Resources is a video series to complement our Nehiyaw Language lessons delivered by instructor Reuben Quinn. In this series, you’ll find a videos in both English and Nehiyaw to help you build your understanding of Nehiyaw language and culture, practice your articulation of Nehiyaw language sounds, and hear Nehiyaw spoken by a variety of speakers. We are also working on English subtitles for these videos to help make them accessible to all learners.

Many thanks to Miyo Pimatisiwin Productions Inc for their hard work in making these videos possible, and to all of the Nehiyaw speakers and elders who contributed their time and knowledge to the project.

The series consists of the following videos (click on each link to view the video):

Spirit Markers: Instructor Reuben Quinn reviews the Spirit Marker system.

Articulation: Instructor Reuben Quinn discusses some of the unique sounds in Nehiyaw.

Learning Nehiyaw Language: Wayne Jackson shares some of his experience and perspective.

Language and Connections to the Land: Wayne Jackson speaks about connections between Nehiyaw language and the land.

Descriptive Language: Ken Saddleback and Reuben Quinn talk about the layers of meaning embedded in Nehiyaw words and language practices.

Teaching Nehiyaw: Ken Saddleback and Reuben Quinn speak about the importance of continuing to provide Nehiyaw language education.

Conversations: Conversational Nehiyaw, featuring Charlene Burns and Reuben Quinn.

Storytelling: This video features Carl Quinn, delivering storytelling in Nehiyaw.

Education and Culture: Ken Saddleback and Reuben Quinn talk about the connection between education and culture.

Practice Nehiyawin: In this video, Ken Saddleback and Reuben Quinn talk about language and cultural practices in Nehiyaw and English.

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