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Please answer the following questions so that we can design a program to help your organization strengthen their capacities to provide more accessible, respectful, and productive environments. 


Assessment Form

As an initiative supporting people from different backgrounds, you might already be experiencing the benefits and challenges of a diverse community.


Your interest in our program shows your commitment to continue to work on increasing the benefits that diversity offers by improving intercultural communication and understanding.

Intercultural practice, D&I, Bias, anti-racism, anti-oppression, etc.
In-Person, Online, Blended
Dependent on COVID-19 Policies & Rules
We usually offer half-day sessions
Please provide a description with a timeline, desired goals, and your budget.
Please share any concerns you might have or other issues you think it would be important for us to know. If there have been any recent incidents or points of tension that triggered this initiative to provide training or will affect the group dynamics during training, as it would be helpful for our work with you.
Number of people room holds, movable chairs and tables or not, etc
Computer/laptop, internet connection, etc.