Understanding Newcomer Experiences of Inclusion A research project exploring newcomer wellbeing in Alberta

Initiative Background

Understanding Newcomer Experiences of Inclusion is a two-year community-based research project funded by the government of Alberta through the Settlement, Integration and Language Projects Grants program. This project seeks to examine newcomers’ experiences of settlement, integration, and inclusion and how these impact newcomer well-being. The intent is to find solutions to challenges faced by newcomers to Canada regarding settlement and integration.

Existing knowledge on newcomer settlement experiences and well-being is mostly from the perspective of service providers and little research has captured the perspectives of newcomers. The Understanding Newcomer Experiences of Inclusion research project aims to fill this gap by creating new qualitative and quantitative knowledge of newcomer settlement experiences and personal well-being in Alberta.

The research team will be doing both online and in person quantitative surveys as well as qualitative interviews. If you are are an individual or a community group that would like to participate in the survey or interview portion of the project please contact the project team at projects@cfrac.com. Our info sheet provides more information about participating in the project such as honorariums for participants, etc. Click here to access a .pdf file of the info sheet.



  • How This Initiative Fits with Our Priorities

    This project will generate knowledge in the area of newcomer wellbeing and provide a clearer understanding into the needs of newcomers in Alberta. The research findings can help us identify, strengthen and promote promising practices and initiatives that are already taking place in the settlement sector.

Initiative Funders