Unmasking Micro-inequities

Register via Eventbrite. The Centre for Race and Culture has developed a series of educational workshops and free open-access resources for service providers and the general public in Edmonton, Alberta […]


Understanding and Mitigating Bias

Register via Eventbrite Registration starts September 17th Taking an intersectional approach, this workshop will help participants to build their understanding of bias and practice steps that can be taken to […]


Micro-inequities in the Workplace

Register via Eventbrite Registration starts on October 10, 2022 A micro-inequity is a behavior, a subtle form of discrimination where a person is singled out, devalued, overlooked, or ignored due […]


Building Inclusive Workplaces and Practices

Register via Eventbrite. This interactive workshop will focus on tools to recognize, articulate, understand, examine, challenge, and change workplace practices with the lens of using curiosity, collaboration, and conversation as […]