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We’re very excited to host a number of amazing workshops for people to attend! Other ways you can be involved include:  

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We are located at the Edmonton Intercultural Centre in the old McCauley School building at 9538 107 Avenue. The Edmonton Intercultural Centre is home to 9 different organizations (including ours!). Take a look at the amazing work done here.  

Programs, Workshops, and Consulting

CRC Consulting is the social enterprise for the Centre for Race and Culture. The Centre for Race and Culture/CRC Consulting fosters diversity, inclusion, and equity by collaborating with individuals, organizations, and systems. Our diversity and inclusion expertise is grounded in our extensive experience in community engagement and research, and is led by our mission statement: Inclusion in Action. The Centre for Race and Culture/CRC Consulting provides solutions to businesses, organizations and communities who are looking to address the challenges and opportunities that diversity, inclusion, and equity present. Our experienced consultants can increase workforce productivity, create inclusive work environments, and contribute to healthier communities. All proceeds generated through CRC Consulting services benefit community programming of the non-profit Centre for Race and Culture, supporting our initiatives. Learn more about that here

Yes! The Centre for Race and Culture/CRC Consulting offers customized and focused workshops depending on the needs of your organization. We do a Needs Assessment and tailor any content to your specific needs. Please contact us to learn more by phone at 780-425-4644 or by email at info@cfrac.com. There is also a grant available should costs be a concern or barrier to you running a workshop. Take a look at https://www.alberta.ca/canada-alberta-job-grant.aspx for more information diflucan koupit

The Nehiyaw language class runs in the Fall and Winter. Currently, there are no other opportunities to host Reuben Quinn as an instructor. 

Take a look at some of the Public Workshops we’ve offered here. Public Workshops are offered at a reduced rate in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. We communicate upcoming workshops through bi-weekly newsletters, on our website under ‘Events’, as well as through social media (find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn at Centre for Race and Culture Edmonton). 

PayPal is an option as well as Credit Card and Debit. Click the PayPal icon, and you’ll be taken to a place where you can input your credit or debit card information. You will not have to use PayPal (unless you want to https://apoteksv.se/!). 



  • Hate Free YEG: An organization within Edmonton promoting anti-racism and hate free initiatives throughout the city. Includes a list of various businesses and organizations committed to stopping racism in Edmonton. 
  • The Family Centre: A dynamic service centre offering counselling, goal-setting, and other family supports. “We can support you to navigate through change, raise healthy children, develop strong and healthy relationships, and heal from trauma.” 
  • ASSIST Community Services Centre: “Our programs include Integrated Services Program, Adult Learning English Courses and Children, Youth, Family and Senior Services. One-on-One Counselling, workshops and group activities are provided to improve the well-being of people who live in our community.” 

Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers (EMCN): EMCN offers a number of programs and resources to support especially Newcomers and others requiring support and community.  


Category: Resources

This is a deeply unsettling experience and we are here to support you and direct you to resources in order to find justice. Please call us at 780-425-4644. Someone is usually in the office Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm. We are able to take note of your complaint as well as follow up with you. These resources and organizations are available to support you in this process:  

  • Alberta Human Rights Commission: “The Commission has a two-fold mandate: to foster equality and to reduce discrimination. It fulfills this mandate through public education and community initiatives, through the resolution and settlement of complaints of discrimination, and through human rights tribunal and court hearings.”  
  • Edmonton Police Service Hate Crimes Unit: “If it is not a crime in progress, contact the Edmonton Police Service complaint line at 780-423-4567. Please make sure that the investigating officer understands that you perceive the crime as being motivated by hatred. The investigation will make its way to the Hate Crimes Office for file review and follow up.” 
  •  Stop Hate AB: “According to the Canadian Criminal Code, a HATE CRIME is defined as a crime motivated by hate, based on race, national or ethnic origin, language, colour, religion, sex, age, mental or physical disability, sexual orientation, or any other similar factor…A hate incident is a non-criminal action committed against a person or property, the motive for which is based in whole or in part upon the same characteristics mentioned above. Because they are non-criminal in nature, police are limited in their ability to be involved. Hate incidents often go undocumented. The #STOPHATEAB website provides a place where these incidents can be captured. By making this information accessible, communities can be greater aware and informed about the impact of hate on communities in Alberta.” 
  • Law Central Alberta: A number of resources for self-representation and general legal information for Indigenous peoples, Immigrants and Refugees, People with Disabilities, folks within the LGBTQ2S+ umbrella, and the intersections therein.  
  • Hate Free YEG: An organization within Edmonton promoting anti-racism and hate free initiatives throughout the city. Includes a list of various businesses and organizations committed to stopping racism in Edmonton. 


Category: Resources

That’s a question for the Edmonton Intercultural Centre who manages the space available. Take a look at their website here. You can reach them at 780-756-2655 indegenerique.be

Category: Resources

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Please reach out to info@cfrac.com to provide any further resources to be listed.