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Diversity and Inclusion Training


Reducing Bias in Law Enforcement

In Law Enforcement the difference between effective criminal profiling and racial or identity profiling is often confused causing negative impacts on community and the effectiveness of enforcement. Using case law and best practices this webinar will provide participants with a practical framework to understand and address bias in a policing and security context.

Recruitment Strategies: How to Avoid Bias in Interviews

Interviews are full of interactions between people and there are a lot of areas where assumptions, misinterpretation and bias may influence the process. Employers want to make sure they select the best candidate for the job. We will look at how bias might be integrated into the interview process and we will share tips and strategies for getting past assumptions and understanding the true strengths of the candidates in front of you.


Project Management Course for Not-for-Profit and Community Organizations

You've got the project idea, you've got the funding, now what? This two-day workshop is intended for project coordinators managing community-based  projects working with diverse communities. It will review some practical approaches to project implementation, evaluation and sustainability to be considered, especially if you are new to managing projects. Participants will learn how to ensure their community and organizational needs are addressed while still meeting funder requirements.

Conflict Transformation

In this session participants will consider the practice of conflict transformation as an alternative approach to conflict resolution or management. Taking culture and intercultural communication as a starting point this session will facilitate the development of skills that allow you to engage and transform conflict in the workplace and community.

How To Write an RFP: Geting the Outcomes You Want On Time and On Budget 

The RFP process is an important mechanism in the distribution of public funds but how do you communicate with vendors and the community being served to ensure that you will achieve the most effective and efficient results possible? This workshop will provide tools and strategies for engaging with internal and external stakeholders before you issue an RFP and will provide tips on how to write an RFP that will garner the highest quality proposals.

Leadership Course  

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