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Peace Ambassadors for youth

Inspire change and build peace through leadership and activism


Peace Ambassadors offers you the opportunity to become an anti-racism social justice facilitator and community peace builder.

As a Peace Ambassador volunteer, you''ll have the opportunity to learn in-depth about racism and discrimination while practicing  your presentation skills.  Working alongside other empowered and passionate youth, you'll help to educate others and inspire change in our communities.

Peace Ambassador Training

To become a Peace Ambassador volunteer, you must complete both intensive training courses. They do not need to be done in sequential order - courses will be offered on a rotating basis so if you miss one you can catch it when it's offered again. Our Peace Ambassadors enjoy learning about anti-racism and discrimination in depth while practicing the best ways to teach others ways to deal with conflict stemming from these issues.

You'll learn:

  • How to talk about and understand racism, discrimination, stereotyping, and oppression
  • How to use participatory activities like role-play, social theatre and drama to confront and eliminate racism
  • Presentation and public speaking skills
  • Conflict transformation techniques
  • How to mobilize communities to counter the influence of racism through peaceful means


Anti-Racism Foundation Course

This course covers the basics of what you need to know about confronting racism and discrimination.  It will cover themes such as the different types of racism, how to recognize racism and methods for confronting and countering racism such as social activism, social artistry and political and personal approaches in our communities.  This course offers a knowledge base for further action and a critical approach to social issues and conditions.  Length: 3 hours

Peaceful Conflict Transformation

 This course deals with transforming conflict in a way that recognizes culture, dominance oppression and inequality.  By looking at how we structure relationships interpersonally, communally, and globally we will build an understanding of the role that conflict plays in our lives.  What is peaceful conflict transformation?  What is "peace"?  How do we build peace?  How does racism and discrimination relate to conflict? Covering theory and practice this will be a highly engaging and participatory session.









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