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Origins of Cree Syllabics Conference


In celebration of Aboriginal History month, join us for a special two day conference with Canada’s leading expert on Cree syllabics, Elder Jerry Saddleback

Who Should attend?

  • Cree Language Teachers and Students

  • Native Studies Professors and Students

  • Aboriginal:

    • Education Admin & Curriculum Developers
    • Community Members & Elders
    • Employees of Aboriginal organizations


Biography - Elder Jerry Saddleback Sr.

Mr. Jerry Saddleback Sr. is a member of the Samson Cree Nation in Hobbema, AB. Mr. Saddleback has lived his life through the exploration of cultural beliefs as passed down from the wisdom of his ancestors. He has the cultural creditability which is most important and he has provided the authenticity of native ideas which he openly acknowledges by the way he lives his life, and has imparted this way of life in his home and is visible in his professional conduct. His profound knowledge about the delicate relationship between humans, nature and the environment as held by Cree traditions and the age old wisdom of indigenous peoples and the human empathy conveys a sense of intellectual and experiential insights into the Cree culture.

Mr. Saddleback has the capability and the capacity to impart the knowledge to his students in such a way that they will not forget what they are taught, but also will remember the respectful ways essential for their success; the work he has done as an educator and as an academic speaks for itself. Mr. Saddleback  is the Elder-In-Residence and Dean of Cultural Studies at the Maskwacis Cultural College.



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