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What CRC Consulting Services Clients Are Saying

“I enjoyed the workshop because it brought a diverse group of employers together who are dealing with the same issues, and allowed them to openly discuss their needs and explore solutions. Both facilitators were very professional, keeping the workshop on track and specific to our community. I would recommend the workshop to other organizations because it gives new perspectives about workplace practices, and new insight into how to become inclusive from experts on the topics. Also, it defines many of the terms heard commonly today about diversity and multiculturalism that many do not know the definition of. Overall, it was a very worthwhile experience, and I know lasting changes will come out of this in our community.”

Kim McPhedran, Welcoming and Inclusive Communities and Workplace Program Manager, Fort St. John, BC

“The facilitators from the Centre for Race and Culture led us through great exercises to help us understand culture, race, stereotyping, youth, power sharing and self awareness. They also gave us some practical tools to use like "I statements", "focus groups" and generate conversations and ideas - don't make assumptions. They are amazing facilitators with the ability to customize training right on the spot to match the needs to the group. I really appreciated the session and have already had staff bring me ideas for us to implement. I HIGHLY recommend this training.”

Tammy Goodwin, Centre Manager, Castle Downs Family YMCA

“We really appreciated the hands on and interactive approach that the facilitators brought to the workshop.  They were excellent facilitators and kept the discussion and exercises lively throughout the day.

Race and cultural diversity can be very sensitive and emotional subjects.  The participants of the workshop found that these topics were discussed with the group in a caring and respectful manner and both facilitators were able to add humor in an appropriate manner which helped in putting the audience at ease. All participants were given tools to help us explore current and future situations that we find ourselves in and, in the end we were left with a better awareness and understanding of the many challenges that exist around race and cultural diversity.  It was time well spent!”

Education Team, The Good Samaritan Society

As an equity and anti-racism educator myself, I can say with confidence that the education the Centre for Race and Culture provides is incredibly valuable and effective for organizations, institutions and communities interested in building fair, equitable and inclusive practices and policies. CRC educators have a incredible ability to assist people in developing a solid equity and anti-racism lens to apply practical solutions to complex challenges within the workplace, institutional systems and communities. Most recently, the work that CRC has done with our leadership has been integral to developing champions to lead the organizational development for successful integration of equity and anti-racism into our policies, practices and processes.

Natasha Goudar- Equity, Diversity and Human Rights Unit, Edmonton Police Service

“The workshop was a very motivating, inspirational, and entertaining training experience to participate in because of how knowledgeable the Centre for Race and Culture staff were. Both Ricardo and Ian, provided a wealth of information. Further, because the session brought together a rich diversified group of people who shared inspirational stories of their own lived experience.“

Carole Bouchard, M.Ed., R.Psych., Director, Community Services Department, Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo

“We found the Cultural Crossroads workshop excellent! We will be applying what we learned on a daily basis, while working with our diverse employees. This workshop really opened our eyes to the fear, confusion and challenges new immigrants feel and face upon coming to Canada and entering the work force”

Stephanie Duncan, HR District Employment, Specialist, Safeway Canada

I need to thank you and your organisation for empowering me with skills and with knowledge that enables me to open others’ eyes.

Lina Hempel, Community Member

“I found the training to be very worthwhile, I learned lots of new skills and also gained new knowledge that will easily be put to use in my own work environment.”

Hope Colbourne, Trainer, Alberta Children and Youth Services

“The Newcomer Interagency Network based out of Fort McMurray needed an organization to assist us with creating a workshop series that was tailored to meet the needs of our target group.  The Centre for Race and Culture was consulted and they did an excellent job of working with us and creating a series that helped to address the unique needs of our community.  The participants unanimously agreed that the materials were relevant and helpful and that the facilitators were extremely knowledgeable and friendly. CRC was great to work with; I would recommend them anytime.”

Melonie Doucette, Fort McMurray Workshop Partnership Coordinator

“The Cultural Crossroads Workshop was very well structured and quite relevant to today's HR professionals in our industry. The workshop was tailored to our specific needs thus providing all the participants with a clear and coherent learning and understanding of the material covered. We thank CRC for the incredibly good service with a personal touch to the client-specific requirements”

Alejandra Garza, Workforce Mobility Advisor, Suncor Energy Inc

[CRC]’s knowledge of the subject matter was evident as they easily flowed and swayed to the uniqueness of the group. You carefully structured your workshop to assist us in improving the understanding of inclusiveness and provided us with a road map of next steps for the continued learning and development of our staff.

Eden McClellan, Director of Human Resources, Diversified Transportation

“The workshops are a valuable resource for businesses to utilize, promote and support cultural
diversity and inclusion in the workplace. They are also a true testament that learning can be fun!”

Tracy Roshon, Human Resources Manager, Home Depot of Canada

“The seminar topics were engaging, and the format allowed for helpful discussion. Knowing that others are facing the same challenges I am boosted my confidence. The tools, tips and techniques on how to improve cultural awareness in the workplace will be an invaluable resource to my organization.”

Jessi Duffy, Relocation Analyst, Finning Canada

“I found the workshop very useful and practical. The instructors had a wealth of knowledge from around the world that added a broader perspective to the workshop.”

Yogi Pillay, former Deputy Director of the National Council of Visible Minorities

“[CRC] was fantastic. They were receptive to feedback about keeping it simple. Facilitators really understood the needs of the organization. We were really impressed with the way they handled things from the get-go. They were ready to meet our needs; communication was good, with good follow-through. You matter to them; you're not just a number.”

Jo Heggerud, Educator, St. Michaels Health Group

“The learning we received was invaluable to the leaders in our organization. It has allowed us to strive towards our vision of achieving a high-performing diverse workforce”

Genevieve Primus, District Talent Manager, Home Depot of Canada



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