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Senior Consultant

Ian MathiesonIan Mathieson (MA)

Specializing in intercultural communication and conflict transformation, Ian’s specialized work in training and curriculum development has been applied across a broad spectrum of organizations from law enforcement and educational boards to community NGOs and the private sector.

His on-the- ground experience combined with his formal graduate studies in Conflict Transformation and International Peace Studies translate to a training approach that is accessible, interactive and effective.


Associate Senior Consultants

Roxanne Felix-Mah (BSc., MSc.)RoxFelix

Roxanne’s strength is in answering the question everyone wants to know – “but what difference did it make?”

Whether you want to evaluate the impact of your latest recruitment strategy, consultation process or social program for community – Roxanne uses her formal training in research and years of experience in the public, private and not-for profit sector to help you answer your questions.




Ashima Sumaru-Jurf (BA, BEd)

Ashima melds research and business knowledge with equitable workplace and community practices. With a deep understanding for how people learn best, Ashima excels in building internal capacity, developing leaders, and managing diverse teams.

She has coordinated and managed many projects and is well-versed in HR practices and organizational effectiveness. Ashima takes a focused approach on moving short-term objectives to capacity-building and lasting change.




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