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About CRC Consulting

 CRC Consulting provides solutions to businesses, organizations and communities who are looking to address the challenges and opportunities that diversity and inclusion present. Their experienced consultants can increase workforce productivity, access currently untapped labour pools, create inclusive work environments and contribute to healthier communities.

Our Story

CRC Consulting Services arose out of an increasing demand in Canada for specific knowledge and guidance addressing the complex issues of diversity and inclusion in organizations, businesses, government institutions and communities. Additionally, we were faced with a need to continue supporting and growing our effective community programs.

Applying a creative and critical perspective, we developed a solution that would allow us to continue to meet the demand for our quality services while continuing our community programs— following a social enterprise model, CRC Consulting Services was born.  

We are dedicated to both our clients and our community partners. CRC Consulting Services not only contributes to the success of your organization but also contributes to the health of our communities. All proceeds generated through CRC Consulting Services benefit our community programming, supporting another dimension to our work towards inclusion.

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CRC Consulting is a social enterprise offering expertise in education, research, evaluation, strategic development, organizational development and community relations. Learn more about our services.

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