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About Us

Our Vision

To create an inclusive society free of racism. 

Our Mission

The Centre for Race and Culture works within the community to promote and support individual, collective, and systemic change to address racism and encourage intercultural understanding. Our expertise spans workplace development, community building, research, and education.

Our History

The Centre for Race and Culture was originally founded in 1993 as the Northern Alberta Alliance on Race Relations. As the scope of our work and the area of our impact has grown signficantly, we are now the Centre for Race and Culture.

Our Objectives

  • To educate about racial prejudice and discrimination through seminars, workshops, public forums, and conferences.
  • To conduct research, compile data, and disseminate results about racism or ethno-racial disparities to increase understanding and awareness about existing rights of racial minorities.
  • To establish and maintain programs for individuals, groups, and organizations that have experienced discrimination by providing information, follow-up, support, and referral to counseling or legal services.
  • To work towards the eradication of racially motivated violence through public education, research, programs and activities.


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